New song “Gunman Clive” out now!

The song “Gunman Clive” is now released and available on Bandcamp; and on most other digital platforms, including Spotify and itunes. It is the first song from the collection of songs I will call “Insatiable”.

“Gunman Clive” delves into the distorted and narcissistic world view of a gunman. It is extremely disturbing that we keep seeing this character more and more frequently , and it would be in everybody’s interest to seriously start asking questions regarding the factors and attitudes in society that sets the stage for this. Why are some societies prone to mass shootings?

-Is it the preoccupation with fame, increasingly narcissistic values?
-Media spectacle? Violent media?
-Gun culture and availability?

Perhaps we all have a role in questioning the popular culture and its relation to this phenomena.